Download 2nd Demo Version for Android
The Newer version has been developed and published for android with Unity3d in July 18th 2017. This is a demo game for the 2nd version for android. Here our listed agenda we have to work on.
- Fix bugs while playing the game.
- Add different levels
- Build Multi-play
- Build More Items, NPC, Item Equipment, and characters
- Build IOS version
- Build Save and Load
- Recruit more CodeCane Harvester to speed-up our project

Ninja Awesome for flash game is also available!
Play NinJa Awesome Flash Game

The story of Ninja Awesome involves a world conquered by robots where humans were turned into slaves to do the robots bidding. As the main character your job is to use the art of the ninja to free your fellow humans.

Please support us as we continue to improve the project. Thanks in advance.

Download the game

The Ninja

The Main character of Ninja Awesome use his abilities to fight through the robot army. The Ninja is one of the last humans left on Earth to fight the robot menace and restore the humans to there formal glory. As the player you will control the Ninja ensuring his victory over the robot menace.

The Sensei

The Ninja's Sensei his job is to teach the art of Ninjutsu to the Ninja to help him defeat the robot army. The Sensei may be wise but he is full of surprises.